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I love this ad!!:)




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Aidan’s first birthday


Although I’m very sure he won’t remember any of these, but I’m sure the rest of the guys there enjoyed them. Hey! isnt’ that why photography is so important?!:P Okie, sales bug struck again:P We all had fun that day, and everyone had a “piece” of him, even I did!:) But knowing I’m absolutely hopeless with babies… Aidan cried within secs in my arms. I know I suck, cause no one else had this problem!! Better stick to taking pictures instead:) The setup was based on a pirate’s theme. Here’s a little slideshow of the event, check out grand dad’s matching top!!


After the party, we headed for the Newton Circus of Penang after failing to get a reservation at Rice and Spice. Food was alright, but I very much preferred the ones I had the following day. Best Chendol in Penang. Best Chestnuts (Gao Lak) I’ve ever had. Best Laksa in Penang. Best Char Kway Teow (they used duck eggs instead… it’s fantastic!) in Penang. Not to forget, best stunt of the day, by nearly missing my flight back home.


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Look at those eyes!! Ok, I’ll buy you anything… 



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Chew on it!:)


Hopped over to Penang to attend as well as shoot Aidan’s 1st birthday. The last time I saw him was about 4 months old when Nic, Sheila and Aidan came to Singapore. Now, 8 months older, I have to say, he’s one helluva charming fella. Was just browsing through the photos and found this really funny.



Hey dude, that’s a cellphone, not a harmonica…


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Before flossing became such a chore…


things used to be a little simpler…



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Missed my nephew by a day. The next day, I had a little photoshoot with Sheryl. And the following day, another with Aidan. Thought I could make it 3 babies in a row:s Anyway, here’s Sheryl having a little ride on the wooden horse:)



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An hour and the half wait to get a taste of Hurricane’s ribs.



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It’s very cluttered, it’s very messy. But I see light.



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