Post holiday post.

The kind of feeling you get when you come back from a holiday. The next one is just on the horizon.

Rainy Mondays

The weather is somewhat nice these days. The fuzzy feeling it evokes make me feel like going on a holiday.

Chill out Sunday

Because I am.

and because it’s Sunday

Love Fridays

When you see this, I will be looking across the sea, with millions of sardines swimming beneath my webbed feet. Some things are better alive than canned.

In a few hour’s time

Something’s keeping me awake. But I know in afew hour’s time, I’ll be enjoying another shoot. This kind of pre-shoot adrenaline never go away for the past 10 years. Since I’m trying to minimize my stay on Facebook, I hope the updates here gets a little more frequent. After all, the voice has to go somewhere:D

Final Reservist


11 years of Reservist and finally it’s coming to an end. It certainly didn’t feel that long. Personally, I find it to be a good way to force myself to escape work, but still near enough to be contactable. So many good memories, fun and exasperating at times. Now that I’m days from completing my Reservist cycle, certain things also came a full cycle… eg. my hair:) Live and laugh often.

Bernard and Germaine

Some people ask me if I love to shoot overseas. They often said, it’s like a holiday isn’t it? Not really. Because ever since I left my desk job (although I still spend a fair bit of time on my desk), I regard a holiday as something 1 week and beyond. When I travel, I like to take my time to settle down, get into the pace of the place and feel the vibes. This is what I love most about traveling. I am fine with traveling to work on short trips, but to treat it like a holiday, I would need a much longer one. It’s been a while since I shot overseas, so come next year, I hope to be shooting somewhere foreign. I know I should.

The good thing about Nikoi island is, it’s not that far from Singapore. It’s like an extension of Sentosa really. My second time here and it’s still as awesome as ever. One of the things I love about beach weddings like this is nobody wears a suit and I am allowed to be in my berms. Smart casual? no, more like comfort casual.

The emerald green waters.

Light and Textures

Make a guess what he was writing? I laughed so hard on this one.

You can see abit more images in a slideshow here.

Happy Long Weekend people!

Go out and erm… roll in the hay! I’ll explain that in the next post. My clients are so funny it doesn’t matter if it rain or shine.