I promised to put up a wedding post before the end of yesterday. Sorry I was a little late after cleaning up all that drool when checking out the Sony Vaio Z2 (2012). It’s about time I replace my 4 year old laptop. This one seems to fit well if I want to edit on the go. Yes it cost a bomb, but if it’s going to last me for 3-4 years, I figured it’ll be well worth it. Any idea which bank is easier to rob?:D

Once in a while, we get some retro vintage themed weddings which are not too over the top. For me, it’s the first time I sat in these vintage Volkswagon vans and it’s alot more stable and spacious than I expected. Thanks to the volks folks at Volkswedding for maintaining these iconic mobiles.

Here are some images for the wedding. Scroll all the way down a link to the slideshow:)


I was told these were hand made my one of the bridesmaids. Very nicely done.

Alot going through their minds, definitely.

That piece of sunshine that came it at the right place, right time.

面包车. Really looks like 面包.

Groomsmen getting “changed”.

I love that eye contact.

She said “I have ang pow too!” to the bridesmaids, who got theirs during the gatecrashing games.

The couple leaving the bride’s house. I like how she was looking back and him looking at her. Somehow meaningful to me.

See, VW.

Not usually interested to take photos of kids crying, but this one is an exception:D

I was actually looking at the almost flat tyre… then everything else fell into place.

Love the symmetry and color combination.

That’s what tilt shifts are for.

Sometimes, blur can be good:)

I love confetti! And I’m damn good at firing one too. That’s why I was assigned to be the “confetti party” during the last wedding as a guest and it hit the spotlights:D

The quiet moments.

And the tender ones:)

Not an Apple fan, but thanks for ‘helping’ when I ran out of ideas. It was a perfect fit for the rings.

Click here to see the slideshow.