Saturday humour

It’s a Saturday. Put a smile on your face:)

Band of brothers

You know the gatecrash is going to be awesome when the groomsmen arrive all blown up.

Helping hands

After 4 days of fever and 16 panadols, I wish someone can say this to me.

I can back you up and give you a helping hand:)

Good to know it’s gone. There’s always a better day for durians and alcohol.

The final push

I don’t usually take pictures of make up artists on their own. But I couldn’t resist this one when I saw her shadow on the wall. It’s a little spooky yet funny at the same time. Cleo, the make up artist was packing up while the bride got changed. Today, Cleo announced that she is turning full time after 6 years doing this part time. You know you just have to do it when the shadow tells you so:) Check out her facebook page here.

Gangnam Style!

I knew this is going to happen someday, just not like that. Halfway through lunch and after some coaxing from his mother-in-law (!!!), Justin decided to put up a performance. I am pretty sure he practiced this before. Now I just hope to shoot a wedding gatecrash with the groom and the bridesmaids (not groomsmen k) doing Gangnam Style. For now, this is pretty darn good enough. Remember, dress classy, dance cheesy.

There was even a grand entry for his dance.

Justin doing his stuff. Just follow the steps.

This one reminds me of the part where PSY was holding two girls while walking in a fake snow storm, except the kids were quite clueless about what’s happening.

Awesome stuff Justin. Just how many champagnes did you down to make you Gangnam?:D

The gown must be heavy

The crane came into my frame… and I continued snapping.


A quick one from this morning. This is what you get when the ladies watch too much taiwanese variety programmes. It was quite tough gatecrashing, done in a very peaceful manner. Can I also add that I found the hidden key:D I earned my paycheck.

kids that rock part 1

Milk… what milk?:D

Chill guys, it’s under adult supervision. I guess, we all celebrate the same way, young or old.