17th November 2007, another popular date for weddings. I met Maggie and Bob months ago and I found Bob a little too quiet. I remembered he didn’t speak a single word throughout the whole meeting, while Mag and me was going on and on about the wedding and stuff. But my oh my… on the wedding day, I thought I saw someone else, Bob’s so darn funny!! not to mention damn sporting too. The dinner was nice too, a small and intimate affair. The MC, a friend of the couple, was so funny. One of the most unique and certainly one of the best I’ve heard so far. With a mixture of hokkien, mandarin and english, the delivery was really entertaining (albeit a little crude at times). Someone asked, “Does your friend moonlight for getai?”


During the dinner, I saw Jonaven and Yingying, and also Damon, the videographer (Yes, I’m going to see him in Dec!) at the foyer, both attending the wedding next door. I say, it’s a beautiful day:)



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