Just a couple of days back, I attended a wedding, yes, as a guest. Can’t remember when was the last time I attended one. The feeling seem so strange. The moment I walked into the hotel, I knew I lost it… everything seemed to be on autopilot mode:P


1) I asked for parking tickets at the reception

2) I asked, “what’s the room number? where’s the bride?”

3) I asked to go to the bridal suite… yes I did.

4) I took a drink and stood near to the couple, waiting for the next piece of action.

5) I forgot about the ang pows (well, eventually I remembered:P)

6) I walked into the ballroom, checking the setup and complained that the lighting’s too dark!

7) I almost went to the photographer and told him “during the march in, I’ll take the left, you take the right…” (and the only camera with me was my mobile phone)

8) I attempted to follow the couple up for change of evening gown.

9) After the 2nd dish, I stopped eating.

10) I stayed till the last guest left…


Anyway, during the wedding dinner, I found this waiter who’s serving our table really funny. It all started when my friend asked for a glass of red wine.


friend: Can I have a glass of wine?

waiter: yes, would you like red or white?

friend: red please.

me: you have white wine? I’d like a glass please.

*left the table and came back with a glass of red wine*

waiter: I’m sorry sir, we only have red wine.

me: *bewildered* ok, it’s alrite. (then why the hell did he ask if we wanted red or white?)

Anyway, that’s not all. Gradually, the table was filled with other guests. So they decided to ask for a round of drinks as well… the same waiter came…

guest: Can we have 5 beers and 5 wines?

waiter: would you like red or white wine?

guest: red thank you.

*waiter left…*

So we shared what happened earlier and everyone had a good laugh, so we decided to test him again. When he came back with the drinks…

guest: *pointing at me* Can you get him a glass of white wine?

waiter: Sorry, we don’t serve white wine…


I was thinking… what the hell, you don’t like me is it?!?