In a few hour’s time

Something’s keeping me awake. But I know in afew hour’s time, I’ll be enjoying another shoot. This kind of pre-shoot adrenaline never go away for the past 10 years. Since I’m trying to minimize my stay on Facebook, I hope the updates here gets a little more frequent. After all, the voice has to go somewhere:D

The trailing hand

This is day 6. Well, I might as well just say something about it since I’m blogging. This is day 6 without facebook. I only logged in twice to check on some email notifications, approved some friend adds and liked an image. That’s pretty much it for the past 6 days. Some years back, a friend told me a patient in his deathbed spoke about regrets in life. One of the things that I remembered was, ‘don’t spend your time watching useless videos’. It didn’t occur to me how much time I spent on useless entertainment, mostly from facebook. It was fun, for awhile. While I managed to maintain pretty alright relationships with my facebook friends, sometimes I felt that news, information and propaganda tend to be a little overbearing. Knowing that some of your friends are not what you think they are when you see them can be quite disconcerting. Online personas can be so scary sometimes. I like this verse from Savage Garden’s ‘Santa Monica’

But on the telephone line I am anyone,
I am anything I want to be
I could be a super model or Norman Mailer
And you wouldn’t know the difference
On the telephone line I am any height, I am any age I want to be
I could be a caped crusader, or space invader
And you wouldn’t know the difference
Or would you?

This week, I have seen productivity increased in levels I have never seen before. And I’m not even pushing myself over the edge. It was a comfortable and enjoyable pace. I did my work, shop a little on Amazon and Qoo10, set up a new kickass minimalist PC system, enjoyed moments in my mini garden (while keeping them alive) and read some news. I didn’t have to find out what my friends were doing. When I needed to, we went out for a beer and lunch. It was awesome. I stopped tapping on the Facebook icon on my phone because I deleted it. I still can’t get over life without WiFi, but I guess, we take it one step at the time. That said, I will log onto facebook next Monday, just to see what I missed (or not missed). Life is awesome, only if you know how to enjoy it.

Here’s a little something I took a few weeks back. I love the trailing hand from the father of the bride after giving the bride away in front of the altar. Little hand gestures say alot sometimes. One just have to look out and appreciate it.

Today is Day 4

I’ll post more on Day 8.

Final Reservist


11 years of Reservist and finally it’s coming to an end. It certainly didn’t feel that long. Personally, I find it to be a good way to force myself to escape work, but still near enough to be contactable. So many good memories, fun and exasperating at times. Now that I’m days from completing my Reservist cycle, certain things also came a full cycle… eg. my hair:) Live and laugh often.

sunday morning post


Hello Shing Kae and Shi Qin

Today I did a few things. I did some editing, met my dad, did a family portrait for a client, visited the nursery and spent quite a bit on plants, did some editing, spent time zenning out with my plants (I need to do this more often and hope I would get rid of my teeth grinding at night) and blogged! This is what a Saturday is like without a wedding.

Cloud camping

At about 2000m above sea level, climbers call it a day, camping right at the edge of the crater. Some on their way up to the summit while some on their way down the mountain, very often exchanging words of encouragement.

Shi Qin

A portrait of the bride, Shi Qin.