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While waiting

After some mad moving last Friday, I am finally out of Joo Chiat. Special thanks to Samuel and Raymond for their help in moving the huge frames out of my house on Wednesday. You guys were great! The new place is not quite ready yet, therefore I am operating out of my dad’s place. I’ve got a small table which can only fit one monitor, so I can’t monitor my facebook all the time now. I asked myself sometimes, why would I even bother monitoring facebook when I only have 946 ‘fans':D Then I remembered the movie 300. Oh well, I hope to achieve 1000 fans by 2015, that shouldn’t be too tough. Jokes aside, I won’t be able to meet you guys at my place at least till mid August. That said, you get to see my kickass Sony Vaio Z3 ‘discontinued version’ when I meet you wherever 😀 This feels so 2006.

Now, I need to buy some berms. I left them in like 12 trashbag (yes, that’s how I move stuff) full of clothing without labeling them. I’m not ready to unpack them while the dust has yet to settle. Let’s hope the contractors pull up their socks before I offer to help them do it.

Here’s one from a few months back. Add another W to the title.

Oh wait! I have a small bridal show coming up on 28th July at Alkaff Mansion. Let me try to dig out some details and post them later. Got discount? Abit. Got food? I think yes. Don’t come too hungry k, leave some for me:)

Of Lights and Shapes

I have OCD. When it comes to lines and symmetry, ‘Good enough’ is just not good enough for me’. Sorry if you have to redo it… both my couples and my contractors. Thank you for going through this with me:)

Good Bye Joo Chiat

Today will be my last day in Joo Chiat, a place I called home and office for the past three and a half years. This place was love at first sight. I remember the exact feeling the first time I stepped into the house. I loved it so much I didn’t dare to negotiate the rental for fear that I might lose it. After these years, I feel it is justified and I love it to bits. Unfortunately, all good things have to end somewhere, especially this house; meant to be a temporary solution until I get my own.

I have been busy packing for the past week and running back and forth, checking on renovations, etc. This week has been intense, but I love that intensity. It’s just one of those things that make you both tired and happy, like having a newborn. I saw the new place in its original state, knocked down, patched up, slowly crafted and finally doing up the finishing touches. Although it’s far from move in condition the last I checked, I am targeting a move in by end of this month. Come August, the new place will be ready. I can’t wait.

For now, I thank the current place for the opportunities that it provided and the shelter over my head. Someone once told me, “you have to experience staying in a shophouse once in your lifetime”. I did it and it was truly an amazing experience. Thank you 110. You have been awesome.

Here’s an image from this morning’s shoot. My last shoot coming from this house:)