Sometimes I think too much, somtimes, I just go with the flow. Sometimes, I just feel extremely hardworking. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I changed the setup of my work space. Having a ‘new environment’ does wonders to the mind (me thinks). I spent an hour yesterday raising the height of my destop to about 34.5 inches. With my chair in maximum recline, I can now push half my body under the desk in beach chair tanning position:D The desk is also high enough for me to stand up to do my work when sitting gets too boring or the butt feels too hot. If I need a drink when I work, the bar stool fits in perfectly. In addition to that, my full tower PC now have more ‘breathing space’. The only small issue is I have to get used to the new keyboard position, which probably is going to take a couple of days. For now, I’m just loving this new setup.

Here’s a picture I really like while editing the current set of images.