In Komodo, we dive. Not as many images, but you get the idea. I will be back again. And before you think that you came to the wrong blog, I promise I’ll post a wedding before the end of the week:D Possibly tonight.

The massive schools of fishes. While I wasn’t able to get good angles on them this time round, I think this trip showed me the potential on what kind of shots I could get.

White tip shark patroling the reef amid the insane currents. I had my reef hook deployed. Many thanks to my dive guide, Anto.

Turtles. They are a common sighting at some sites. One came behind my head so closely it gave me a shock.

One of the very few macros I attempted this trip. The amount of macro life in Komodo is pretty amazing. It is up against the best like Lembeh, although Lembeh probably have easier shooting conditions without the currents and the black sand. That said, night dives at pink beach was really really good.

Soles come in pairs:D

Pretty corals all around.

A diver exploring the feather star (not!). Lucky to have the diver at the right place at the right time.

Through this trip, I’m beginning to love corals more and more.

Manta Alley! The mantas rule this place.

There were like 8-10 of them circling the alley, with more on different depths. There’s a chance that you run into one wherever you are.

Getting real close to actions at times. They were so fun to hang around with.

They will come in circles, sometimes coming in really close, and turning away at the last minute.

The Black Manta.

I saw this during my safety stop. It had a fishing line stuck in it’s mouth. I was told by the guide later that it has been like that since he first dived in Komodo a year ago. They tried to help, but never really got close enough.

Feeding frenzy.

This looks like a fighter bomber with twin guns on the nose.