Today, I received a call from Monica, who told me of a Freddy’s death. I was shocked, and I asked to confirm, “which Freddy?”


To those in the industry, most will remember Freddy as a jovial giant, one one bloody fun make up artist to work with. While I only worked with him on a couple of occasions and met him on some gatherings, I can still remember them vividly. During one of the weddings last year, I fell a little ill, with an almost unstoppable running nose. While the bride went to change, we had a casual conversation,


F: What’s wrong with you?

Me: Having super bad running nose…

F: Your gf didn’t cover you with the blanket isit?

*took out some medication and gave me two*

F: Take one now, should make everything stop… take the 2nd one at your own risk.

Me: *impressed* You are very well prepared hor? Mobile pharmacy ah?

F: *laughs*


The medication dried up everything and I had a wonderful time shooting the wedding, thanks to his life saver. I hope you have gone to at a better place now. Rest in peace.


At the other end of the phone, came the reply “Yes, Freddy, the make up artist.”