This morning started rather uneventfully, with the lightning from the thunderstorm screwing up the cable points of the house, leaving me disconnected with the (cyber)world. Luckily Starhub fixed it before I got home, else the night will be so unbearable.


Met up with some clients before heading down to Bedok Reservoir for the HSBC Wakeboard Championships. Instead of meeting clients, Dennis and Anne at Coffeebeans, we decided to do it under the hot sun at Bedok Reservoir. Quite an interesting way to meet clients I thought. Imagine world class wakeboarders doing their stuff while you ask “where are you getting your gowns from?” I must say, you guys rock:) And I hope you got some nice photos of the wakeboard action and… erm birds:P


As the action was going on, I saw Theng Wei and Suping appearing just a couple of meters away from me!!! Earlier on, I was still wondering if they will be there. Singapore is not too big I know, but still, it’s not everyday that you meet your previous wedding couples. And I just found out Theng Wei gets weekdays off now… he he he… time to hit the swamps!!:P woohoo!!:)


Later in the evening, I caught up with my cousin who brought me some green tea from Japan. Sweet:) Just realized I haven’t seen her for 2 years already? Overall, it was a great day away from KMM (Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor).


As for the wakeboard event, I have to say, the ratio between photographers (with HUGE cameras) to wakeboarders must be like 2:1. I know there’s a photography competition, but where did these guys come from?! It’s too freaking amazing… For a moment, I thought the photography competition was the main event.