Having said that twice in a month drew some flak from friends who realized that I was out holidaying. Once back in sg, it’s rush hour again. Got home, met up with my bro-in-law, who’s leaving for Sydney in 2 hours time. So I offered to drive him to the airport (again) and had a good chat while getting stuck in a terrible jam on the expressway. Later on, I had dinner with mum and bro’s gf. It’s been a long time since we dined out. Back home, I managed to find some time to watch Fann Wong getting disfigured on screen (ok, the make up artist did a rather convincing job).


And in the most unusual places, I met a former client, Marc. He was one of the cabin crew onboard my flight. Although in my mind, I’m pretty sure it’s him, I didn’t approach him, till he gave me that “hey, are you…” look, then I went, “Marc?”. Sometimes, we meet people in the most amazing places:) After watching the “non video-on-demand” version of Blood Diamond, I went down to the crew area and had a chat with him. And I got a goodie bag full of amenities:) Thanks for that dude!


[tag]Blood Diamond[/tag] is cool… very strong performance by the oscar nominees, love it!:) And… Jennifer Connelly? I think she’s pretty hot. Love that part when they were on the phone.