After a 5 hour walk out in the cold, I came back with a fever. My legs started to turn wobbly towards the end of the trip. Slept for a good 4 hours before waking up, asking the hotel staff to bring in some panadols. Sleep was pretty disturbed, with me waking up a couple of times to check my mails, read some news, watch some B-grade crap… blah blah blah.


Then this morning, after taking a shower. My friend asked me if I felt the room shaking an hour ago. I said no. Then I was told that there was an [tag]earthquake[/tag] a while ago, which was confirmed later on the news.


Nevermind, about the earthquakes and fever… it’s all over. Going out to soak in Kyoto.


One more thing worth mentioning… the toilet bowl!! woohoo!! Super high tech stuff (maybe I’m suaku… but this thing rocks man!):P I’ll do a demo and post the video soon:P