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I wonder if you know, how they live in Kyoto

After a whirlwind of negotiations which ended up with actually nothing. I got a goodwill trip to Kyoto for a good 5 days:) Not sure if I’ll get to see the cherry blossoms.


Out of town from 24th March to 28th March. For all enquiries, please email


07 07 07

7th July 2007, the hottest date for weddings this year. Every wedding photographer I know is being booked for this date, so was I. But due to some unforseen changes, I am now free on this date again:) I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing at all, but I figured, well… wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in the industry is working while I sit back and have some beer… probably watch the swarm of bridal cars zooming down Orchard Road:)





An image of the future





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In pure Singlish : The smile; Like can see, like cannot see:) 



Thanks to Hsin Yeow who corrected my chinese… it’s 若影若现 not 落影落现. My bad:P

update: Gabriel now tells me it’s 若隐若现 not 若影若现, which I thought, must be the right one:P As you can tell, going to Taipei didn’t really improve my chinese:P


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i feel…


…the wind in my face. The veil gave wind dimension and direction.





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And… when the wind gets stronger!


You can almost fly:) When I showed this to Chris on my LCD, I was thinking… “oh man… isn’t that Stefanie Sun?”



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I love the wind!:)


I never thought Pre-Wedding could be this fun… till the wind decided to join in:)



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Reunited with home:)

Finally home:) Suddenly felt relieve that the holiday is over. Taipei is nice, but perhaps, it’s just not suitable for me as a travel destination. Not for 8 days. Without the company of Ron, Serene and Ead, I probably would have died of boredom (not to mention hunger too). But then again, at times, I really prefer to have time on my own, just to be myself, just to feel alone.


This trip allowed me to explore alot more about myself. Alot learned, alot discovered. Not that bad afterall.