It’s been almost a week of scrappy internet access on the island of Ambon. The microwave signals were severely hampered by cloudy skies and rainy weather in the evenings. On our very last day, the skies cleared up and with that, we witnessed a moon rise from the water horizon. It was a pretty awesome sight. That was when I realized the skies are really clear and the tide was incredibly low. I decided that I should take the land pictures that I have been waiting for all week. This huge tree trunk was washed down from the hills, down the river and somehow ended up on the beach of the resort. It had since became a favorite photography spot for visitors.

This week had been pretty awesome with great dives, great company and life pretty much unplugged. But like all awesome holidays, it comes with some unexpected and ‘memorable’ experiences as well. Got seasick once, puked like mad. Housing flooded twice (thankfully I surfaced before things got really bad and found out the culprit was a faulty dome port). Jellyfish stings (oh, those things are really beautiful… and as with beautiful things, keep a distance). Camera shutter kind of died, so I had to wait about 10-15 seconds between shots for the error message to clear. It’s a real pain but I learned to slow down and pick my shot instead of spraying. On some dives, at depths below 15m, some of the buttons on the camera refused to work for some reason. So it was like shooting manual on film because the playback button and focus button didn’t work. Despite all these, it was still an awesome trip.

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