Been having some problems whenever I exercise, be it running, soccer, wakeboarding or even sometimes, standing for extended periods. Then the recent strain behind my knees put a stop to all exercises. A friend recommended me to a bone setter (ok, I only found out what it meant after I came back today).


Before visiting, my friend warned that the pain would literally blind one. What to do, for what good I heard it does, I think it’s worth the risk. When I was there, the guy just told me, lie down and started pressing from my feet up. Ok, it wasn’t blindingly painful, but it’s painful enough to give me thoughts of asking him to stop, especially every single joint was twisted and pulled in the ways I’ve never imagined possible. They responded with cracks, ok, it sounds horrible. As with anybody else, my body started resisting, opposing his force. He stopped a couple of times and told me, “are you afraid of pain?”, “if you resist, how am I suppose to work?”, “this is not a massage…”. After that, I felt a little embarassed and tried to relax… everytime I had the opportunity to turn my face away, I’ll curse and swear silently, thinking when will this end?!


After about 30mins of twisting and turning, he finally stopped. And he explained what he just did. First he said, my entire leg’s alignment is screwed, yes, from top to bottom and it’s affecting every other part of my body, which is the cause of the muscle aches I’ve been getting. And the amazing thing is he started to pinpoint all the areas that I’ve been having problems, without me even telling him. Then he started to correct my posture, sitting position, etc.


So he said, now I have to rest to get my muscles adapt to the new alignment. The daily itinarary is, according to him, light work, no exercise, eat and sleep. Man… only if he could issue MCs 😛


During the next visit 2 weeks later, the whole experience was alot better as they weren’t as painful as the last time, 25mins and I’m done. He noted improvement, so did I. On his advise, I rested a few more days before trying out running. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out as I felt an unbearable strain on my LCL a few kilometers into the run. The positive side is that the pain only appear whenever I run. Perhaps it still needs time to recover. I’m going to rest for awhile longer, perhaps just give my knees a break.


Since the first visit, I’ve been recommending friends to him, haven’t asked them about their progress though. I guess most of them won’t dare to try after they heard it’s going to be painful. Although I think he’s really worth a visit. Having a corrected posture really does a great deal of difference to my daily life. It just feels good.


Ok, for those interested, can drop me a mail, I’ll send you the contact. But please, this is all at your own risk, I’m just relating my experience:)