I think the short trip to Bali did me some good. I think productivity went up… at least over the last 48 hours. Over the last 48 hours, besides being extremely productive in editing, I also did the following,

– visited doctor to check on my ears (yup… most men need this after getting married)
– trolled by my dog… spent 54 bucks at the vet because he was feeling moody/lethargic/sick (he became completely well right after the visit… I’m not sure if that’s considered money well spent)
– watched Portugal beat France without falling alseep.
– stocked up the beer in the fridge
– met clients, photographed clients, replied emails, postponed all admin work…

I have to say I’m pretty happy with my progress:) And here’s one from a maternity shoot. Gotta love this one.

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  • silver_crv - 6 years ago

    guess still have admin work to be done to consider productivity….