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Weili and Zhimin

Something that I did awhile ago. Reminds me of the good lighting we have been getting recently. Which also means really hot weather… resulting in me stocking up…


I think the short trip to Bali did me some good. I think productivity went up… at least over the last 48 hours. Over the last 48 hours,…

Nick and Bel + 1

Here’s a set of images from Nick and Bel’s photoshoot. It was casual, like very casual.

Take a few steps back

Take a few steps back and you see the larger picture. Kenji, Kago and their new friend Bella.

Iron Dog

Nick Bel and kago. No longer the irondog that I know, but at least the smile is still there.

Nick and Belinda

While Kenji and Kago are busy snuffing out whatever they can find in the grass.