I like how this was totally unscripted. I chanced upon the groom and his groomsmen having a discussion towards the end of the wedding. Their positions were pretty symmetrical and the direction of the wood grain was a bonus.


The kind of moments the bride wouldn’t see if it’s not captured. While from our view, we watched a story unfold.

On the lookout

We are always on the lookout for something interesting and something out of the ordinary. Sometimes, we plan a shot. By planning a shot, we don’t mean, telling you what to do. Read More

Unscripted eye contact

Moments like that makes ordinary stands out.


Su Ling, moments before walking down the aisle with her dad.

Hotel Fort Canning

Evening photos are fun. While it usually takes more time to set up and technically more challenging, it is often also the most satisfying (partly because we can call it a day – not just me!).

A note from the bride’s niece

Such a sweet note. Chloe has to attend NDP rehearsals, thus missing out on her auntie’s wedding. This note more than made up for it judging from the reaction from Calista.

Red, white and blue. I like.


That’s my kind of playlist! 90s bubblegum pop! You know the band is awesome when they accommodate this playlist and nobody is judging when you dance to it.

Beautiful light and flare

Something from Joel and Elsie’s wedding at The Raffles Hotel. Like many weddings I have been working on recent years, they are small, typically less than 200 guests. Now, 100 guests would be considered a big wedding.

3 years and 2 days

That was how long the it has been since the last post on this blog. There was some kind of inertia to post as I was in a crossroad in my career and personal life. The last post was posted about 2 months after my daughter was born. There were so much things going on all at the same time and it is almost like a perfect storm, telling me to take it slow and reprioritize what I wanted. Read More


Memories are made of these. Places, friends, life experiences and most importantly, family. Here, the father of the bride pops in to check on her. If you think about it, that was probably the last time he would get to do it.

Behind the scenes: I was taking a photo Read More

Forever alone

When it comes to environmental wedding portraits with simple lines, you can’t go very wrong with a lone tree. But there are times when I look at the tree and wonder… what it must have felt. Ok, I’m sure it’s happy.


5 months.

This blog seems to be dormant for as long as Mount Agung in Bali. I guess it’s time to wake it up a little and let it rumble. Nothing new, we’ve been busy. With work, family, both two legged and four legged ones. Read More

Watching about 40 japanese kids running in the rain playing soccer with their teachers is quite a sight. Teachers were fantastic in keeping the spirit high. Schooling win.

16th May 2017

Let’s welcome ourselves into the ballroom!

I can’t remember the exact words, but I think it’s probably something like that. That’s how the script reads when you are both the MC and the wedding couple.

That call

There are days where you just have to make that call.

Let’s get married NAO!!!

Rules are for people who want to obey them.

When musicians get married

They can be like everyone else or do what musicians do. The groom used to play for a band as a bassist and decided an open mic concept. His friends did not need further invitation to get on stage. I haven’t heard Smells like Teen Spirit live for ages and this was superbly delivered.

Every little thing

Yes main events are important, but to me, what’s more interesting are these little moments. If you remember Every Little Thing (ELT), you are probably as old as me:D

Geometry of drinking

I believe the more you tilt your head back, the happier you are. That’s what I feel when I have a beer bottle in hand. Maximum happiness is achieved when cup/bottle is perpendicular to the ground.

Be like waterfall

Yup, tears and all. We have seen them from all ages and genders. Mostly emotion related. A few were triggered by cutting onions during games. I like how the tears were trapped on the veil itself in this image.

A birdie. Ok, an eagle.

To be honest, I didn’t think through it when I took this. I just thought it was funny and anything with symmetry usually works well with me. It just occurred to me that hey… that’s a pretty good one:D

A sneak peak of April

April was a month that I was looking forward to. A short break to climb a mountain and more importantly, to see the results of our weeks of training for the climb. Here’s a picture of the crater lake of Mount Rinjani taken right after last light.

The early birds

2 in front of the camera and a few more behind it, including me. Going to a shoot later than 730 is almost non negotiable for me. My plan is simple, go out early, get some nice soft light, watch the sunrise, enjoy the cool weather and get back before 930am for a nice toast and 2 half boiled eggs. Work done before most even started. Why not right?:)

An adventure at the right time

Like many photographers, I’m a geek. Technical down to the details. But when it comes to natural light, it’s mostly luck. Read More

Be like still water

The kind of look (just like still water) whenever clients ask me the timing we meet for Pre Wedding shoot, until they realize they have to wake up way earlier for make up (and the expressions turned into geysers). I’m not exactly an early riser, but if I know waking up early will likely result in better images and experience, I will definitely do it.

Walk on water

For lack of a better title. 10 panadols and plenty of sleep later, I’m feeling much better. Now, the cough has to go. Overall, happy with the progress of work despite taking longer rests than usual. Let’s see how long I can last with this blogging habit. Going to post about the Rinjani trip once I catch up with the backlogs.

Be like water

Drink more water. At least that’s for me. Down with some kind of viral flu. Let’s hope water will do something good.

Eyes on me

Those little moments that happen during the preparation phase of the wedding. If you look hard enough, there will be someone looking at you.

Street fighters

Nothing says I love R-you like nailart:)

Father and daughter moment

It’s all in the hands.


Probably some of the most iconic buildings in Singapore. Any visitor heading to the airport from town will not miss this. These are one of the many condos that stands across the Singapore river from the Central Business District.


Sometimes, we feel for them, but laugh behind the camera… It’s true (insert Trump’s voice).

No, we are not done yet. We are just getting started.

It’s been 2 new years since I last posted. Wedding season, traveling, Mika, friends, new toys and amazing weather (storms, amazing light, cool weather). These things keep me busy and I’m not complaining. Read More

The three musketeers

In the midst of the wedding season, we do not neglect the little furry ones. Here’s one from 2 weeks ago at West Coast dog run. Yoshi, Bae Bae and of course Mika.

The busy months

Been really busy over the past few weeks and even more so in the weeks to come. Almost every thing demands attention and it’s really putting my prioritization algorithm to the test. That said, we always find time. Now, back to blogging.

Lightning Limpeh

I have been putting this off a bit, wondering if I should start posting non wedding related stuff on this blog. I used to do it so often with my older blog and had mixed feedback. Some love it while some find it hard to navigate when they come here specifically to look for wedding related posts. Read More

A little love on Friday

The kind of image for rainy evening. Hopefully the weather will play nice tomorrow.

It’s show time!

Definitely not cartoon network. Probably inspired the kids to do their korean drama during dinner (a few posts back).

When all you have is one chair

*in gardening mode* I’m just thinking… how nice if a staghorn fern is in place of the bird’s nest fern at the back. Read More

A sleepy Monday post

Browsing through some of the images I did a couple of weeks back puts a smile on my face.


What do we do on Sundays if we are not shooting? Hunting unicorns… or something similar:D

Art of hiding emotions

I am a chinese and my family are typical chinese. We know too well how to hide our emotions in front of others. The art of masking emotions is like spraying air freshener. Read More


No tears, no hugs, but one can still tell. Because typical chinese parents.

Love drama

When left alone, kids and their drama.


Monday is the most awesome day of the week when you have deadlines to meet. That’s why I’m happiest on Mondays.

Can somebody have a durian themed wedding?

After a long shoot on Saturday, I rewarded myself with a nice drive up to Tangkak, Malaysia for some nice durians (although we were told the season there has just ended). Read More

In my line of work, I sometimes end up taking pictures of notable people in the society. Most of the time, I may not even know who they are or what they did. Today, I took a few minutes off to dig into my archives so I can relive some moments in their life. One of the many who built the building, has left the building (last night) - 23rd August 2016

Getting ready

The difference between a bride getting ready compared to the groom.

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