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Watching about 40 japanese kids running in the rain playing soccer with their teachers is quite a sight. Teachers were fantastic in keeping the spirit high. Schooling win.

16th May 2017


Probably some of the most iconic buildings in Singapore. Any visitor heading to the airport from town will not miss this. These are one of…

The three musketeers

In the midst of the wedding season, we do not neglect the little furry ones. Here’s one from 2 weeks ago at West Coast dog…

Lightning Limpeh

I have been putting this off a bit, wondering if I should start posting non wedding related stuff on this blog. I used to do…

In my line of work, I sometimes end up taking pictures of notable people in the society. Most of the time, I may not even know who they are or what they did. Today, I took a few minutes off to dig into my archives so I can relive some moments in their life. One of the many who built the building, has left the building (last night) - 23rd August 2016

after months... i think i'm catching up with my backlogs. i can see the light already. i intend to take the day off, get away from the computer screen, go outdoors, enjoy the sun, maybe to the beach without my phone... then the heavens spoke... 'get back to work!' - 22nd July 2016

Somebody to Love

There’s not reason for posting this. Last night this song just came to my mind… and it has been there since. I guess it’s better…

There is work and there is time for friends. There is also time for a beer.

10th December 2015

Meet Mika

This is the newest addition to the family. Meet Mika, the nuclear powered four legged random peeing machine. He is stubborn, intelligent and fearless. I…

A lazy Monday

The weekend went by in a flash. 2 weddings and a book launch. Caught up a bit on the bad news on social media before…

The value of art goes up when the artist dies. The value of a photograph goes up when the subject is no longer around.

5th October 2015

When I was a kid, people tell me about monsters under the bed. But when I grew up, I found out that the only things that exist under the bed are wedding albums.

4th October 2015

When I first picked up photography, someone told me that one of the most satisfying achievement for a photographer is to be able to publish a book. After pondering over my options, I became a wedding photographer. Typically 1/1 limited editions every other weekend. Satisfied since 2006.

26th September 2015

I think tonight's biggest winner will be wisely.

- GE2015 polling day


The RSAF Black Knights

Over the Jubilee weekend, I took some time off to watch the RSAF Black Knights perform at the Marina Bay area. The last time I…

Monday is the best day of the week because there are 6 tomorrows before the week ends.

13th July 2015

I’ve been trying to drink some whisky to suppress my cough. Then I realized it’s turning out to be a really expensive cough syrup. They…

Having the right priorities in life makes it boring.

23rd May 2015

I spent a considerable amount of time working on my passport photo.

Hard truths in 12 megapixels

Being a mother

Last month, we visited my sister and her family in Sydney to welcome my newborn niece. Staying with them for 2 weeks gave me a…

This revamped website/blog is where I will be sharing my images and thoughts. I may be a wedding photographer, but this blog isn't only about wedding photography. I believe life inspires what I do. This is what you will find here.

launch of this blog

If you win all the time, you live in a world of losers.

4th May 2015

My politician moment

First time carrying a less than month old baby. She seems comfortable with me… for a while:) Achievement unlocked.

my mum once said, a great man is represented by a star in the sky. and she said, he has a star.

18th March 2015

it's common to hear couples saying 'i'm signing my life away' after signing on the Marriage Certificate. When I signed on it about 10 years ago... I didn't remember how it felt. It was like... sign here, bam! that's it. Everyone clapped. And I was still lost. It's ok to be lost, I'm just the witness.

on wedding ceremonies

The rise of smartphones. The death of applause. Always a problem at weddings. To solve this problem, I am going to develop a camera app…

I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know it's not some place you can look for. Because it's not where you go. It's how you feel for a moment in your life when you're a part of something. And if you find that moment... It lasts forever.

The Beach, 2000

Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about about mission statements.

Office Space, 1999

Office space, 1999

This is one of my favorite quotes from the ‘not so well known’ movie. When I encounter days like these, I remind myself to go…

A searing success!

cooking for dummies

I am hungry and I want some chocolates.

a midnight post

24 hours a day is not sufficient to understand what you did in a day.

random thoughts

the world of internet is full of mines. there are 50 ways that you can accidentally click on something you won't believe that will blow your genius mind.

just saying

What a beautiful sunday. getting sleepy now. hope the weather will hold up for the next 2 days

16th November 2014

This is my first post. It’s a test post to kick start this whole blog. Welcome this baby to the world:)