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The three musketeers

In the midst of the wedding season, we do not neglect the little furry ones. Here’s one from 2 weeks ago at West Coast dog run. Yoshi, Bae…

Meet Mika

This is the newest addition to the family. Meet Mika, the nuclear powered four legged random peeing machine. He is stubborn, intelligent and fearless. I can’t wait for…

A lazy Monday

The weekend went by in a flash. 2 weddings and a book launch. Caught up a bit on the bad news on social media before my battery ran…

Take a few steps back

Take a few steps back and you see the larger picture. Kenji, Kago and their new friend Bella.

Iron Dog

Nick Bel and kago. No longer the irondog that I know, but at least the smile is still there.

Nick and Belinda

While Kenji and Kago are busy snuffing out whatever they can find in the grass.