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I like how this was totally unscripted. I chanced upon the groom and his groomsmen having a discussion towards the end of the wedding. Their…

On the lookout

We are always on the lookout for something interesting and something out of the ordinary. Sometimes, we plan a shot. By planning a shot, we…

Unscripted eye contact

Moments like that makes ordinary stands out.


5 months.

This blog seems to be dormant for as long as Mount Agung in Bali. I guess it’s time to wake it up a little and…

Point of no return

While I go through hundreds and thousands and images on a daily basis, there bound to be a few that make me stop (or in…


As with your life partner, good light is 可遇不可求.


The groom unveils the bride. I can’t help but notice the similarity in that movement with the picture in the background.

Happy Monday

It’s a brand new week and this is going to be eat week. Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 5 days of feasting. Here’s an…


Somewhat a coincidence.


Some say good things come in pairs. Better when intertwined. Bride holding her mother’s hands upon returning home for tea ceremony.

A lazy Monday

The weekend went by in a flash. 2 weddings and a book launch. Caught up a bit on the bad news on social media before…

It was hazy

But I couldn’t care less. Before the shoot, she asked if red shoes were ok. I said, yeah they look great. What I didn’t know…

Hi Sir, do you mind moving in a little please?

I was near the stage, waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle with her father. An elderly gentleman, several rows away from me,…


Catching a moment

Catching the moment is more satisfying than making the moment. I liken it to people falling in love by chance as opposed to being matchmade….

When all things fall in place.

Symmetry. One of the things that always catches my eye. This is not perfect, but it rarely gets better than this.


and the little hand contact.

Flower Power

Great stuff by Eunice from Heaven in a Wildflower. I think it goes really well with the color of the dress.

Behind the scenes

The kind I like to see. To me, the red socks made this image.