5 months.

This blog seems to be dormant for as long as Mount Agung in Bali. I guess it’s time to wake it up a little and let it rumble. Nothing new, we’ve been busy. With work, family, both two legged and four legged ones.

It’s been a rather life changing 5 months. Not the kind that goes boom and life changes, but slowly evolving, like how nature does it. We have a little one in the family for over a month now. So now we have 10 legs in the family. Mika, our Four Legged Supreme Leader is now 2 years old. The last time I posted a photo of him here, he’s only as big as the poop of a labrador, now he’s trying aiming for world dogemination. Still a long way, but I can see the fire in his eyes, especially when he sees another four legged being.

I feel guilty whenever I tell people to check out my blog for updates and there’s not really any updates. Anyway, I have been working on this set of images for awhile and I thought I would share something simple that I really like.

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