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An adventure at the right time

Like many photographers, I’m a geek. Technical down to the details. But when it comes to natural light, it’s mostly luck.


Evan, the younger boy is a little shy, but his brother, Elliot, brought the best smile out of him. What I can’t show here was…

Being a mother

Last month, we visited my sister and her family in Sydney to welcome my newborn niece. Staying with them for 2 weeks gave me a…

Happy Mother’s Day

I found this image very apt for today.

Four’s a Family

And here to take over the world 😀

Nick and Bel + 1

Here’s a set of images from Nick and Bel’s photoshoot. It was casual, like very casual.

My politician moment

First time carrying a less than month old baby. She seems comfortable with me… for a while:) Achievement unlocked.

Nick and Belinda

While Kenji and Kago are busy snuffing out whatever they can find in the grass.


I can’t resist posting this one, too funny. Those with 2 or more kids will know this very well.