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Be like that guy

When you grow up, be like that guy. No, not the one with the camera:D

Processed food

The undying trend of ‘before i eat my food’ photography.


Somewhat a coincidence.

How did you remember the wedding?

I was flying… like wheeeeeeeeee! And there was evidence:)

The wait

Well, actually the wait is on my side. When it finally fell into place, I was making invisible fist pumps and chest thumps. The kind…

The other photographer

So damn hot these days… the rare times I am actually glad I am sitting behind the computer editing. It’s seriously burning out there…

Guoyong and Peiyu

Another sort of simple affair to share (or according to them… what started as a really simple affair). It’s not everyday that you can turn…

Happier without the tech

It’s been a long long time since I touched this blog. No it’s not dead, I was just really busy and somewhat neglected this. Here’s…

The wedding singer

Today is the third day of 2016 and I’m feeling a little nervous, a little excited and quite looking forward to the rest of it.

A lazy Monday

The weekend went by in a flash. 2 weddings and a book launch. Caught up a bit on the bad news on social media before…

Those once in a blue moon moments

The chances of this kind of images happening is probably like taking a random shot of the night sky and catching the ISS passing by….

The Addams Family

It’s almost 2am. My eyes are tired but my mind is still filled with excitement. There are so many things to look forward to that…

Jason and Cara

I’m having a simple wedding streak. Simplicity does not only mean simple set ups or fuss free celebrations. Having time to yourself itself is simplicity. Make…

Light and shadow

I’ve been eyeing that space for a long time but didn’t have an opportunity to shoot this until now. Worth the wait.


Like the Mars rover, if you leave kids running around at a wedding ceremony, you get unexpected results. Sometimes, a gem or two.

Rings please

Just before putting the ring on the bride’s finger, the symmetry force is strong here. Keep looking.

Simon and Mary

A small wedding held at the gallery of Marriot Hotel. Simple set up, relaxed pace and beautiful people. A formula for a great wedding.

Repeated patterns

I have never met clients who tell me they are good at posing. Neither am I the sort that can make up fanciful poses. Something…


Catching a moment

Catching the moment is more satisfying than making the moment. I liken it to people falling in love by chance as opposed to being matchmade….

Wai Quen and Poh Ling

A simple wedding full of emotions. Like I always say, the people makes the wedding.

A splash of colors

Pretty apt for a blog post since I spent some good time gardening after finishing a nice set of images. Green therapy I say. The…


Spending a good Saturday fixing things and being normal because your kind of special and mine can be different.

Father, daughter.

A fleeting eye contact, but emotions felt were long lasting.

Wedding of Marius and Wanwen

A very unique setting for a wedding in a black and white colonial house. Set up done by Anna and her team from Spellbound. Simple,…

Sky. Sea. Jetty

I love waking up early in the morning. The only thing I dislike is part where I have to warm up my muscles from the…

Vintage memories

The bride’s room reminds me of my old rented place in Serangoon Gardens. I love the frosted glass and window grills that were so popular…

The real vintage

Real vintage. This is no hipster.


I can’t say I know that feeling. But I can imagine it like seeing a loved one to the airport. It takes a parent to…

Wedding of Vincent and Jacyn

Every time I look back at a set of wedding images, I always marvel at how simple a wedding looks. Everything looks like it fell…

It was a happy weekend

Together with Zim, we talk and we laugh. Simple pleasures at work.

When all things fall in place.

Symmetry. One of the things that always catches my eye. This is not perfect, but it rarely gets better than this.

Observing traditions.

Over the many years that I have been shooting, I have seen countless ways of observing traditions. To the point that when someone asks me,…

One. Going to get married

After parking my car and getting out of the carpark, I saw the couple getting out of the wedding car. There, the scene is just…

Limpeh want this!

I am pretty sure the groom will agree with the title. As for me, I love the symmetry of this.

Whisky and Cigar Bar

Something from last year. Guests all decked in their Old Shanghai outfits. All done within Ritz Carlton. Amazing what party planners can do in a…

Tim and Nicole

Loving those smiles.


There is so much going on in this image. One of those that I really like.

Ready, “let’s do it”

There is something about this image that I really like but can’t quite describe it.


I love the subtlety in details in this image. Less is not always more, but definitely better in this case.

House of love

So reminds me of the East17 song. Oh if you don’t know who they are, you are probably much younger than me:)

Behind the scenes

The kind I like to see. To me, the red socks made this image.

Veiled Scarlet

Someone commented ‘Veiled scarlet’ when I posted this on Instagram. I like that.


Because I can’t resist the light coming through the windows on top of the stairs. Corner House.


It’s always good to see old friends (who are not that old) at weddings. Funny thing is we just met for a Christmas lunch about…

I am hungry and I want some chocolates.

a midnight post

Best friends

Always keeping a look out for moments like these. So much to look at in one picture.

Getting busy

The couple in the room getting ready for the next segment of the wedding.


Three of us were in the room, the bride, the video guy and me. The groom had to change out of his gatecrash attire into…

The shot you can’t do

I was going to take the ring shots for Tilo and Candice when Tilo pulled out his phone and showed me an image that he…

This is how you do a Wefie

Fisheye checked, long arms checked, photographer sit back and relax.

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