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A birdie. Ok, an eagle.

To be honest, I didn’t think through it when I took this. I just thought it was funny and anything with symmetry usually works well…


Sometimes, we feel for them, but laugh behind the camera… It’s true (insert Trump’s voice).

No, we are not done yet. We are just getting started.

It’s been 2 new years since I last posted. Wedding season, traveling, Mika, friends, new toys and amazing weather (storms, amazing light, cool weather). These…

Love drama

When left alone, kids and their drama.



I think the short trip to Bali did me some good. I think productivity went up… at least over the last 48 hours. Over the…

Talking behind your back

Or you are in our way.Ā I love to see symmetry in everything.

Look what I found?!

A ‘cobra’…


It is said that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. While blogging isn’t new, but I never really got to make…

How did you remember the wedding?

I was flying… like wheeeeeeeeee! And there was evidence:)


The interesting stuff we see at weddings šŸ˜€

The other photographer

So damn hot these days… theĀ rareĀ times I am actually glad I am sitting behind the computer editing. It’s seriously burning out there…

Guoyong and Peiyu

Another sort of simple affair to share (or according to them… what started as a really simple affair). It’s not everyday that you can turn…

Hello Prosperity!

I know when I see one:)

When I was a kid, people tell me about monsters under the bed. But when I grew up, I found out that the only things that exist under the bed are wedding albums.

4th October 2015


Like the Mars rover, if you leave kids running around at a wedding ceremony, you get unexpected results. Sometimes, a gem or two.

When I first picked up photography, someone told me that one of the most satisfying achievement for a photographer is to be able to publish a book. After pondering over my options, I became a wedding photographer. Typically 1/1 limited editions every other weekend. Satisfied since 2006.

26th September 2015

This gown is made for walking

That’s what it supposed to be. Because gown designers do not make gowns with the intention for you to walk on challenging terrain. But then…

I spent a considerable amount of time working on my passport photo.

Hard truths in 12 megapixels

Behind the scenes

This doesn’t always happen, but I always have my camera ready when it does get this interesting.

it's common to hear couples saying 'i'm signing my life away' after signing on the Marriage Certificate. When I signed on it about 10 years ago... I didn't remember how it felt. It was like... sign here, bam! that's it. Everyone clapped. And I was still lost. It's ok to be lost, I'm just the witness.

on wedding ceremonies

Limpeh want this!

I am pretty sure the groom will agree with the title. As for me, I love the symmetry of this.


I can’t resist posting this one, too funny. Those with 2 or more kids will know this very well.

Best friends

Always keeping a look out for moments like these. So much to look at in one picture.

The shot you can’t do

I was going to take the ring shots for Tilo and Candice when Tilo pulled out his phone and showed me an image that he…

This is how you do a Wefie

Fisheye checked, long arms checked, photographer sit back and relax.

the world of internet is full of mines. there are 50 ways that you can accidentally click on something you won't believe that will blow your genius mind.

just saying