Hello folks! It’s the end of the year. Managed to keep to the deadlines and did my last wedding of the year today. It was awesome! Having activities packed back to back, I barely had time to reflect what has gone past in the last 12 months. I guess I’ll have to do that and the new year resolutions at the new place. So what’s in store for the new year. On New Year’s day itself will be shopping, shopping and more shopping for stuff needed for the new place. And yes, I can’t wait to move in!:D

A note to all my clients from the past year, I can’t thank you guys enough for your patience and support. Words cannot express (maybe can, but my vocab is lousy) what I feel about you guys. Big wedding, small wedding, above water, under water… you guys rock!:D

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and a great year ahead! Keep the passion burning! In work and in love:D

And here’s one reason why you should have kids. They rock!:D