I was wondering if I should post this. This is after all, where my clients come to see my work:) Someone (and then followed by alot of other people…) once asked me, “so… what’s your style?”. Reminds me of the interviews where the interviewers go, “so… tell me more about yourself?”. Duh… “I’m five foot five, weighs one hundred and twenty five pounds, smart (read: gao keng), possess excellent communication skills, etc… and believe that you will hire me with double my expected salary”. When you ask a question, you more or less expect certain kind of answers. So I wonder, what kind of answers do other photographers give when you ask “what’s your style?” “Journalistic”, “avant garde” or “boomz”?

If a picture tells a thousand words, one should be able to see it from the portfolio. I guess it’s easier when someone ask, “so why did you shoot this (pair of hands, legs or some other parts of the body… sounds like my style:P)? I will tell you when you are here:)

Alright, so here’s the picture that kinda made me stop while I was editing to have a good laugh. I remember I wasn’t going after that waiter, but he showed up in my frame and I can’t help but focus on him instead. The result cracked me up a little at that time.

Here I wish all readers a Merry (Marry) Christmas!:D I’ll leave the New Year greetings on another post… don’t waste:P

I love clients who live to laugh:)