Yesterday, while I was out with my mum and discussing about purchasing some stuff. Then she went… (in mandarin), “I need to check if that’s within my budget (in english)…” I was shocked!! Where did that come from? I mean, my mum doesn’t speak english and now she’s telling me she has a budget! I was so surprised I laughed abit and asked her… who taught her that? She gave me that sheepish grin and said… “don’t know, just heard people saying it.”


While driving home that day, the scene kept repeating itself in my mind. Then I recalled when I was younger and learning how to ride a bike, I used to hear them saying… “ta bu-rake!!” (meaning… step on the brakes, more applicable for cars actually). And somehow, I picked that up as well. And I still remember my parents laughing at me when they heard me screaming across the corridor to my neighbour, “TA BU-RAAAAAAAKE!!”:P They’ll go… “now he knows how to use ta-bu-rake!!” oh well… it’s just one of those memories of the corridor days:)


Happy Mother’s Day! Love you mum!:)


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