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5 months.

This blog seems to be dormant for as long as Mount Agung in Bali. I guess it’s time to wake it up a little and…

Be like waterfall

Yup, tears and all. We have seen them from all ages and genders. Mostly emotion related. A few were triggered by cutting onions during games….

Street fighters

Nothing says I love R-you like nailart:)


What do we do on Sundays if we are not shooting? Hunting unicorns… or something similar:D


Just an observation:)

Details in shadows and light

No, I don’t usually do details in black and whites. Here we have an image where shadows of glasses and napkins are cast on the…

Happy Monday

It’s a brand new week and this is going to be eat week. Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 5 days of feasting. Here’s an…

Processed food

The undying trend of ‘before i eat my food’ photography.


Some say good things come in pairs. Better when intertwined. Bride holding her mother’s hands upon returning home for tea ceremony.

Hello Prosperity!

I know when I see one:)

The bride, the groom and the goddess

Sometimes divine help is needed to nail shots like this.

The hands that raised you

Those hands will raise one last time before the responsibility is handed over to the groom.

Tea Ceremony

I’m not a big fan of taking photos for the sake of ‘because everyone else is doing it’ or ‘because the last time I did…

A lazy Monday

The weekend went by in a flash. 2 weddings and a book launch. Caught up a bit on the bad news on social media before…

It was hazy

But I couldn’t care less. Before the shoot, she asked if red shoes were ok. I said, yeah they look great. What I didn’t know…

Hi Sir, do you mind moving in a little please?

I was near the stage, waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle with her father. An elderly gentleman, several rows away from me,…

A splash of colors

Pretty apt for a blog post since I spent some good time gardening after finishing a nice set of images. Green therapy I say. The…


May the Fourth be with you

Coming from someone who does not follow Star Wars. The only episode I watched was the Episode One, which was billed as the worst. But!…

Wedding of Marius and Wanwen

A very unique setting for a wedding in a black and white colonial house. Set up done by Anna and her team from Spellbound. Simple,…

The real vintage

Real vintage. This is no hipster.

Behind the scenes

The kind I like to see. To me, the red socks made this image.

The shot you can’t do

I was going to take the ring shots for Tilo and Candice when Tilo pulled out his phone and showed me an image that he…