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An adventure at the right time

Like many photographers, I’m a geek. Technical down to the details. But when it comes to natural light, it’s mostly luck.

Be like still water

The kind of look (just like still water) whenever clients ask me the timing we meet for Pre Wedding shoot, until they realize they have to wake up…

Walk on water

For lack of a better title. 10 panadols and plenty of sleep later, I’m feeling much better. Now, the cough has to go. Overall, happy with the progress…

Be like water

Drink more water. At least that’s for me. Down with some kind of viral flu. Let’s hope water will do something good.

The busy months

Been really busy over the past few weeks and even more so in the weeks to come. Almost every thing demands attention and it’s really putting my prioritization…

Two legs good, four legs better

I haven’t been posting for a while now. A new addition to the family needs some time to adjust. Will update soon:D


V is for holding hands. That shall be my hand sign for future shoots.

Happy Together

“I’m so tired from smiling”. This is one of the most common comments I have heard during weddings. Some say it takes lesser muscles to smile than to frown….

It was hazy

But I couldn’t care less. Before the shoot, she asked if red shoes were ok. I said, yeah they look great. What I didn’t know was they look…

My color palette

Something from a shoot two days ago. After two weeks of dry and hot weather, it had to rain on the day I had to shoot. Good thing…