Weili and Zhimin

Something that I did awhile ago. Reminds me of the good lighting we have been getting recently. Which also means really hot weather… resulting in me stocking up ice cold beer in the fridge. In conclusion, great lighting = ice cold beer. feldberylogic. Read More



I think the short trip to Bali did me some good. I think productivity went up… at least over the last 48 hours. Over the last 48 hours, besides being extremely productive in editing, I also did the following, Read More

Page boy

I really like how the toilet symbol sort of represents the bride and the groom.


I’m walking towards you.

You! Get some rest!

So we dropped everything, the dog, the excel sheets, the raw files, the jpgs and for the first time, decided not to buy an Indonesia SIM card and left for Bali. It was a simple few days in a rather non-touristy seaside in the eastern side of Bali. It’s one of those ‘I don’t have an itinerary’ holidays.

Runaway flower girl

Runaway kids are ok. As long they don’t pack up their stuff and run away (back in the days, it’s called “zao chu” or running away from home).

Runaway page boy

To be fair, he did complete the walk down the aisle before running back out. Maybe he just want to see the bride before the groom.

Changed out

Before I left the room for the groom (haha yes!), I looked back and caught this fleeting moment which I really like.

Let me show you magic

When it comes to make up and hair styling, it’s literally magic. If you ever had the opportunity to witness the entire process, you will know what I mean. I lost count of the times I hear brides saying they would want to look like that everyday. Read More

Point of no return

While I go through hundreds and thousands and images on a daily basis, there bound to be a few that make me stop (or in singlish, ‘zham brake’) and look at them again and again. Read More


As with your life partner, good light is 可遇不可求.

UFOs in the ceiling

The pretty chandeliers of Ritz. I used to call the Madonna’s bra. Now that Independence Day 2 is going to be released soon, I think they look like UFOs.


Just an observation:)

What’s the blog good for?

For me to remember moments like these. For the times when I want to look back at what I have done over the years.

Details in shadows and light

No, I don’t usually do details in black and whites. Here we have an image where shadows of glasses and napkins are cast on the chairs by the evening sun.

A little highlight from above

Sometimes the light just shines where the action is.

Unscripted groomsmen portraits

Just before walking down the aisle. I like how the light gradually changes from light to shadows.

Talking behind your back

Or you are in our way. I love to see symmetry in everything.

One door, two meanings

After a series of challenges, the groom was finally one door away from seeing his bride. For the mother of the bride, that also means the last door before her daughter leaves the family to start a new one.


The stars of the event, constantly being watched, being photographed and sometimes being photographed being watched.

With blessings from the Justice of the Peace

With blessings from the Justice of the Peace, I got this shot. He married them and gave me his position for a clean shot. Give that man a Tiger!:)

First dance

Recently someone told me that it is every girl’s dream to get married at the St Regis. Honestly, I have never heard of the St Regis until they came to Singapore (I know I’m mountain tortoise like that). It is a beautiful hotel. But when it comes to having a first dance, I would think it is a dream come true to be able to have one’s first dance under the chandeliers of the Ritz Carlton.


Witnessing the landscape change from darkness to light is just one of the perks of shooting before sunrise at a location where you can actually see the sun rising. But given a choice, most (including the couples) would rather be in bed.

The eye

…off a mirror in front of the mirror. Top it up with a very harmonious combination of colors in the foreground.


Ask any wedding photographer who has been shooting long enough, they will tell you about the dreadful ‘lists of items to take’ by a client. Sometimes they are pretty reasonable, with items like, ‘group photos with xxx’, ‘special items made by xxx’, etc. Read More


The groom unveils the bride. I can’t help but notice the similarity in that movement with the picture in the background.


Keeping it simple just because it’s a Monday.

All of the people

Because people make the wedding. I love the different expressions between the people in this image. Makes me wonder what the JP said.

Look what I found?!

A ‘cobra’…

Red is for Ruby

While colored stones are not common among Singaporean brides, I have seen quite a number of brides in the last 2 years with Sapphire engagement rings (I think it’s the Kate Middleton effect). As for rubies, this must be the third that I have seen in a year. This one has great color.


Got a feeling that you want to say something, but not to the entire world? That’s how I feel sometimes.


It is said that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. While blogging isn’t new, but I never really got to make it a habit to do it every day or even every other day. Let’s see if I can keep up with this. Even if I can do it for 21 days in a row, I have a feeling I can kick the habit in a day:D Anyway, for today, a photo I really like.


This is how a photographer’s brain work (at least for me)

The moment before one succumb to their emotions. There was this uncomfortable tension, unlike those where people just hug and cry. The kind that makes you just want to look away. ‘要哭不哭’比哭还幸苦. This is what the right brain thinks. Read More

Red blue and white

A little symmetry to kickstart the upcoming week.


One more for the weekend. Something I really like from the wedding.

The most important skill in life

If not the most important, at least one of the most important. Smile. In the years of shooting weddings, the ones that makes me smile while going through the images are the ones that can smile or laugh like there’s no tomorrow. It’s contagious like that. Literally spreading the love.

Be like that guy

When you grow up, be like that guy. No, not the one with the camera:D Read More

Happy Monday

It’s a brand new week and this is going to be eat week. Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 5 days of feasting. Here’s an image for the Monday. The stuff that I stop work to post because I like them.

Processed food

The undying trend of ‘before i eat my food’ photography.


Somewhat a coincidence.

How did you remember the wedding?

I was flying… like wheeeeeeeeee! And there was evidence:)

And the happy couple walks into the bar

know that song? I know this is random.

The wait

Well, actually the wait is on my side. When it finally fell into place, I was making invisible fist pumps and chest thumps. The kind of images that makes me happy.


The interesting stuff we see at weddings 😀

The other photographer

So damn hot these days… the rare times I am actually glad I am sitting behind the computer editing. It’s seriously burning out there…

Guoyong and Peiyu

Another sort of simple affair to share (or according to them… what started as a really simple affair). It’s not everyday that you can turn an upmarket western restaurant into a karaoke lounge (kind of). I love it when nobody gives a shit about being sticking to norms.

Read More

Happier without the tech

It’s been a long long time since I touched this blog. No it’s not dead, I was just really busy and somewhat neglected this. Here’s an image I really like.

The wedding singer

Today is the third day of 2016 and I’m feeling a little nervous, a little excited and quite looking forward to the rest of it.


Some say good things come in pairs. Better when intertwined. Bride holding her mother’s hands upon returning home for tea ceremony.

There is work and there is time for friends. There is also time for a beer.

10th December 2015

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