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Hotel Fort Canning

Evening photos are fun. While it usually takes more time to set up and technically more challenging, it is often also the most satisfying (partly…

Forever alone

When it comes to environmental wedding portraits with simple lines, you can’t go very wrong with a lone tree. But there are times when I…

A birdie. Ok, an eagle.

To be honest, I didn’t think through it when I took this. I just thought it was funny and anything with symmetry usually works well…

The early birds

2 in front of the camera and a few more behind it, including me. Going to a shoot later than 730 is almost non negotiable…

Be like still water

The kind of look (just like still water) whenever clients ask me the timing we meet for Pre Wedding shoot, until they realize they have…

Walk on water

For lack of a better title. 10 panadols and plenty of sleep later, I’m feeling much better. Now, the cough has to go. Overall, happy…

Be like water

Drink more water. At least that’s for me. Down with some kind of viral flu. Let’s hope water will do something good.

Street fighters

Nothing says I love R-you like nailart:)

The busy months

Been really busy over the past few weeks and even more so in the weeks to come. Almost every thing demands attention and it’s really…

A little love on Friday

The kind of image for rainy evening. Hopefully the weather will play nice tomorrow.

When all you have is one chair

*in gardening mode* I’m just thinking… how nice if a staghorn fern is in place of the bird’s nest fern at the back.

A sleepy Monday post

Browsing through some of the images I did a couple of weeks back puts a smile on my face.

Can somebody have a durian themed wedding?

After a long shoot on Saturday, I rewarded myself with a nice drive up to Tangkak, Malaysia for some nice durians (although we were told…

It’s midweek!

And I’m halfway through the set. It’s been a really enjoyable week thus far. Wish I had more time, but I won’t complain. Here’s one for…

Last burst

Photographing an assignment is a little like running a marathon. Not that I know how it feels, so maybe a 2.4km run. The last shot…


Got a feeling that you want to say something, but not to the entire world? That’s how I feel sometimes.

Red blue and white

A little symmetry to kickstart the upcoming week.

And the happy couple walks into the bar

know that song? I know this is random.

Two legs good, four legs better

I haven’t been posting for a while now. A new addition to the family needs some time to adjust. Will update soon:D

Because Copen

is awesome.


V is for holding hands. That shall be my hand sign for future shoots.

Happy Together

“I’m so tired from smiling”. This is one of the most common comments I have heard during weddings. Some say it takes lesser muscles to smile…

It was hazy

But I couldn’t care less. Before the shoot, she asked if red shoes were ok. I said, yeah they look great. What I didn’t know…

A spiraling climb

At least I didn’t have to feel bad about asking my clients do all the climbing. The yellows were totally coincidental.

Jason and Cara

I’m having a simple wedding streak. Simplicity does not only mean simple set ups or fuss free celebrations. Having time to yourself itself is simplicity. Make…

If it makes you happy

Then some ask, ‘why are you always cutting up body parts?’. ‘Because I like it bite size’:D More importantly, it makes me happy. And I…

Let’s get productive

Some say ‘one for the road’. This is ‘one for the weekend’!

I’m back

It’s been awhile since my last image post. The hungry ghost month was filled with close shaves and activities. We started by narrowly missing the…

Repeated patterns

I have never met clients who tell me they are good at posing. Neither am I the sort that can make up fanciful poses. Something…

Yet another splash of colors

Literally, right?:D

Another splash of colors

The SEA games is almost over. Although our football team did not put up a good performance, but I’m still glad that I went out to…

A splash of colors

Pretty apt for a blog post since I spent some good time gardening after finishing a nice set of images. Green therapy I say. The…

This gown is made for walking

That’s what it supposed to be. Because gown designers do not make gowns with the intention for you to walk on challenging terrain. But then…

My color palette

Something from a shoot two days ago. After two weeks of dry and hot weather, it had to rain on the day I had to…

Lotus in the sky

In my world of everything is “pan tang”, that would explain why it has been pouring for the past 2 days. I like the rain…

Bonsai and Hobbits

I have always wanted a bonsai and finally I got my hands on a proper one last week. I would have bought everything in the…

Being a mother

Last month, we visited my sister and her family in Sydney to welcome my newborn niece. Staying with them for 2 weeks gave me a…


Spending a good Saturday fixing things and being normal because your kind of special and mine can be different.

Sky. Sea. Jetty

I love waking up early in the morning. The only thing I dislike is part where I have to warm up my muscles from the…


There are moments where words mean less.

This is home

This is no Paris. But I watched this city grow. And to me, this means alot.

It was a happy weekend

Together with Zim, we talk and we laugh. Simple pleasures at work.

Behind the scenes

This doesn’t always happen, but I always have my camera ready when it does get this interesting.


A streak of morning light came through the window. I knew we have to use it.


and the little hand contact.

Flower Power

Great stuff by Eunice from Heaven in a Wildflower. I think it goes really well with the color of the dress.

Hobbits not

The smallish people are not hobbits… even though I’d be thrilled if they were. A big thank you to the sporting couple who were willing…

Egg yolk

One of those rare occasions where we get to see that here in Singapore. They wanted an egg yolk and they got it.


I love the subtlety in details in this image. Less is not always more, but definitely better in this case.

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