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This is how a photographer’s brain work (at least for me)

The moment before one succumb to their emotions. There was this uncomfortable tension, unlike those where people just hug and cry. The kind that makes you just want…

Guoyong and Peiyu

Another sort of simple affair to share (or according to them… what started as a really simple affair). It’s not everyday that you can turn an upmarket western…

Jason and Cara

I’m having a simple wedding streak. Simplicity does not only mean simple set upsĀ or fuss free celebrations. Having time to yourself itself is simplicity. Make time to remember…

Simon and Mary

A small wedding held at the gallery of Marriot Hotel. Simple set up, relaxed pace and beautiful people. A formula for a great wedding.

Wai Quen and Poh Ling

A simple wedding full of emotions. Like I always say, the people makes the wedding.

Wedding of Marius and Wanwen

A very unique setting for a wedding in a black and white colonial house. Set up done by Anna and her team from Spellbound. Simple, beautiful and they…

Wedding of Vincent and Jacyn

Every time I look back at a set of wedding images, I always marvel at how simple a wedding looks. Everything looks like it fell in place perfectly….