That was how long the it has been since the last post on this blog. There was some kind of inertia to post as I was in a crossroad in my career and personal life. The last post was posted about 2 months after my daughter was born. There were so much things going on all at the same time and it is almost like a perfect storm, telling me to take it slow and reprioritize what I wanted.

Yesterday, someone reminded me about this blog and I took some time to go through all the posts I have written over the years. So much memories and I actually enjoyed reading them. Lol! So I thought, why not continue where I left off. I may not be shooting as much as I used to due to the current COVID-19 situation and also other ongoing commitments, but there are still plenty of materials to share. I’m going to dig out the ones I really love and put them up so that years later, I can look back fondly at I posted, just like what I did yesterday.

This is a photo from Carlos and Miwako’s wedding at Fullerton Bay Hotel in late February 2020. It was around the time when COVID started making rounds around the rest of Asia and parts of Europe. It was a time of uncertainty as we knew that large scale gatherings such as weddings could be restricted in the near future, even though most of us would rather not talk about it.