I have been putting this off a bit, wondering if I should start posting non wedding related stuff on this blog. I used to do it so often with my older blog and had mixed feedback. Some love it while some find it hard to navigate when they come here specifically to look for wedding related posts. Here’s the good news for the latter group. I have now categorized the posts so you can easily filter out the stuff that you want to see by clicking on ‘categories’ up on the menu.

Let’s get started with this post.

I was driving to town yesterday when the lightning storm hit. It was a huge one, way stronger than anything I have seen in recent memory (granted I have short term memory). The streetlights were not on and the roads were really dark and wet. It reminded me of the opening scene from ‘The day after tomorrow’. It then occurred to me that Singapore is the lightning city of the world. We get more lightning strikes than any other place in the world. While we are not in the hurricane/typhoon zone (very thankful for this), I’m thinking, maybe we should start name our lightning storms.

How about Lightning Limpeh for the one yesterday? It sure looks like someone’s really angry up there.

Here are two images that I shot a few weeks back. The lightning storm was in Malaysia and I was able to enjoy the sight from a ‘safe’ and dry distance. It’s also interesting to see the rather peaceful formation of the clouds in Singapore while a storm in brewing in a distance. Unfortunately I was on the way to meet a client yesterday, otherwise I would have loved to document that huge storm. Given the frequency of thunderstorms in the last few weeks, I suspect that will be more opportunities to shoot this.

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