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Getting ready

The difference between a bride getting ready compared to the groom.


Have a great weekend people!

Please mind the gap

A light moment between the bride and her father before walking down the aisle.

after months... i think i'm catching up with my backlogs. i can see the light already. i intend to take the day off, get away from the computer screen, go outdoors, enjoy the sun, maybe to the beach without my phone... then the heavens spoke... 'get back to work!' - 22nd July 2016

Radio Ga Ga (the time before mobile phones)

I can’t stop watching this. Such amazing atmosphere. Something that you never see now. Not because we can’t have such a big crowd at a…


Found a spot of reflection and I can’t help but frame them up.

Reason to smile

I love to see old people smile (no, not the ones in the picture:D). During a wedding, the grandmother of the bride came up to…

A fleeting moment

Grandfather of the bride bidding her farewell as the door of the lift closes.

It’s midweek!

And I’m halfway through the set. It’s been a really enjoyable week thus far. Wish I had more time, but I won’t¬†complain. Here’s one for…

Last burst

Photographing an assignment is a little like running a marathon. Not that I know how it feels, so maybe a 2.4km run. The last shot…

Somebody to Love

There’s not reason for posting this. Last night this song just came to my mind… and it has been there since. I guess it’s better…


Weili and Zhimin

Something that I did awhile ago. Reminds me of the good lighting we have been getting recently. Which also means really hot weather… resulting in…



I think the short trip to Bali did me some good. I think productivity went up… at least over the last 48 hours. Over the…

Page boy

I really like how the toilet symbol sort of represents the bride and the groom.


I’m walking towards you.

You! Get some rest!

So we dropped everything, the dog, the excel sheets, the raw files, the jpgs and for the first time, decided not to buy an Indonesia…