Ask any wedding photographer who has been shooting long enough, they will tell you about the dreadful ‘lists of items to take’ by a client. Sometimes they are pretty reasonable, with items like, ‘group photos with xxx’, ‘special items made by xxx’, etc. But other times, the requests can be pretty ‘weird’. I remember years back when I received a list of almost 50 items the night before the wedding. Among other things, one of the more memorable request was to take a photo of their dog (which I found out was a 6 month old puppy) welcoming them home. I was like… hmmm…. what if it doesn’t happen? That’s the problem when ‘lists’ includes spontaneous moments. I had to make a late call to the couple and explain the constraints and we managed to set expectations right. As expected, the dog was nowhere in sight when they arrived.

Here’s one that I got years later from another wedding. No lists, no scripts… pure love from the pup:)

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