May 2016


The groom unveils the bride. I can’t help but notice the similarity in that movement with the picture in the background.


Keeping it simple just because it’s a Monday.

All of the people

Because people make the wedding. I love the different expressions between the people in this image. Makes me wonder what the JP said.

Look what I found?!

A ‘cobra’…

Red is for Ruby

While colored stones are not common among Singaporean brides, I have seen quite a number of brides in the last 2 years with Sapphire engagement rings (I think…


Got a feeling that you want to say something, but not to the entire world? That’s how I feel sometimes.


It is said that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. While blogging isn’t new, but I never really got to make it a habit…

This is how a photographer’s brain work (at least for me)

The moment before one succumb to their emotions. There was this uncomfortable tension, unlike those where people just hug and cry. The kind that makes you just want…

Red blue and white

A little symmetry to kickstart the upcoming week.


One more for the weekend. Something I really like from the wedding.

The most important skill in life

If not the most important, at least one of the most important. Smile. In the years of shooting weddings, the ones that makes me smile while going through…

Be like that guy

When you grow up, be like that guy. No, not the one with the camera:D