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Some say good things come in pairs. Better when intertwined. Bride holding her mother’s hands upon returning home for tea ceremony.

There is work and there is time for friends. There is also time for a beer.

10th December 2015

Hello Prosperity!

I know when I see one:)

Meet Mika

This is the newest addition to the family. Meet Mika, the nuclear powered four legged random peeing machine. He is stubborn, intelligent and fearless. I…

The bride, the groom and the goddess

Sometimes divine help is needed to nail shots like this.

The hands that raised you

Those hands will raise one last time before the responsibility is handed over to the groom.

In sync

Visually, this is the kind of stuff that I like.

Tea Ceremony

I’m not a big fan of taking photos for the sake of ‘because everyone else is doing it’ or ‘because the last time I did…