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Those once in a blue moon moments

The chances of this kind of images happening is probably like taking a random shot of the night sky and catching the ISS passing by….

The Addams Family

It’s almost 2am. My eyes are tired but my mind is still filled with excitement. There are so many things to look forward to that…

The value of art goes up when the artist dies. The value of a photograph goes up when the subject is no longer around.

5th October 2015

Because Copen

is awesome.

When I was a kid, people tell me about monsters under the bed. But when I grew up, I found out that the only things that exist under the bed are wedding albums.

4th October 2015


V is for holding hands. That shall be my hand sign for future shoots.

Happy Together

“I’m so tired from smiling”. This is one of the most common comments I have heard during weddings. Some say it takes lesser muscles to smile…

It was hazy

But I couldn’t care less. Before the shoot, she asked if red shoes were ok. I said, yeah they look great. What I didn’t know…

A spiraling climb

At least I didn’t have to feel bad about asking my clients do all the climbing. The yellows were totally coincidental.

Jason and Cara

I’m having a simple wedding streak. Simplicity does not only mean simple set ups or fuss free celebrations. Having time to yourself itself is simplicity. Make…