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A splash of colors

Pretty apt for a blog post since I spent some good time gardening after finishing a nice set of images. Green therapy I say. The…

I’ve been trying to drink some whisky to suppress my cough. Then I realized it’s turning out to be a really expensive cough syrup. They…

Having the right priorities in life makes it boring.

23rd May 2015

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo has always been on my bucket list of places to go. I managed to squeeze a trip this week and I have to…


Evan, the younger boy is a little shy, but his brother, Elliot, brought the best smile out of him. What I can’t show here was…

This gown is made for walking

That’s what it supposed to be. Because gown designers do not make gowns with the intention for you to walk on challenging terrain. But then…

I spent a considerable amount of time working on my passport photo.

Hard truths in 12 megapixels

My color palette

Something from a shoot two days ago. After two weeks of dry and hot weather, it had to rain on the day I had to…

Lotus in the sky

In my world of everything is “pan tang”, that would explain why it has been pouring for the past 2 days. I like the rain…

Bonsai and Hobbits

I have always wanted a bonsai and finally I got my hands on a proper one last week. I would have bought everything in the…

Being a mother

Last month, we visited my sister and her family in Sydney to welcome my newborn niece. Staying with them for 2 weeks gave me a…

Happy Mother’s Day

I found this image very apt for today.

Four’s a Family

And here to take over the world 😀


Spending a good Saturday fixing things and being normal because your kind of special and mine can be different.

This revamped website/blog is where I will be sharing my images and thoughts. I may be a wedding photographer, but this blog isn't only about wedding photography. I believe life inspires what I do. This is what you will find here.

launch of this blog


May the Fourth be with you

Coming from someone who does not follow Star Wars. The only episode I watched was the Episode One, which was billed as the worst. But!…

If you win all the time, you live in a world of losers.

4th May 2015

Father, daughter.

A fleeting eye contact, but emotions felt were long lasting.