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Take a few steps back

Take a few steps back and you see the larger picture. Kenji, Kago and their new friend Bella.

Vintage memories

The bride’s room reminds me of my old rented place in Serangoon Gardens. I love the frosted glass and window grills that were so popular…


There are moments where words mean less.

The real vintage

Real vintage. This is no hipster.


I can’t say I know that feeling. But I can imagine it like seeing a loved one to the airport. It takes a parent to…

my mum once said, a great man is represented by a star in the sky. and she said, he has a star.

18th March 2015

This is home

This is no Paris. But I watched this city grow. And to me, this means alot.

Iron Dog

Nick Bel and kago. No longer the irondog that I know, but at least the smile is still there.

Wedding of Vincent and Jacyn

Every time I look back at a set of wedding images, I always marvel at how simple a wedding looks. Everything looks like it fell…

Nick and Belinda

While Kenji and Kago are busy snuffing out whatever they can find in the grass.

It was a happy weekend

Together with Zim, we talk and we laugh. Simple pleasures at work.

Behind the scenes

This doesn’t always happen, but I always have my camera ready when it does get this interesting.

When all things fall in place.

Symmetry. One of the things that always catches my eye. This is not perfect, but it rarely gets better than this.